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A problem with Genshin Impact Update 2.4 has left PS4 and PS5 players feeling frustrated after blocking them from redeeming their Battle Pass Rewards on other platforms. While other cross-save functions are still available, a video from Twitter user Genshin Impact Guides shows those who purchased the pass through PlayStation Network must now redeem their rewards on a PlayStation console.

What Does Blocking Playstation Battle Pass Rewards From Other Platforms Mean?

The game’s cross-save function allows PlayStation players to carry their progress between PS4, PS5, PC and mobile. Before update 2.4 on January 5, this also meant players could redeem their Battle Pass rewards on any of these platforms regardless of which platform they used to purchase it. After the update, those who purchased the Battle Pass on PlayStation network will be greeted with an error message whenever they try to redeem their rewards elsewhere: “Unable to collect using the current platform. Please use the platform on which you made the purchase”.

A red flag underneath the rewards clarifies the situation further: “This BP was purchased via the PlayStation Store. Claim it via PlayStation Network”. This males it certain that this decision is deliberate and not a bug introduced by the update. However, as spotted by Twitter user Imran Khan, the ability to redeem rewards between PC and mobile platforms still exists, meaning this is solely a PlayStation problem.

Purchasing items in Genshin Impact has always been awkward for cross-play gamers anyway. All in-game purchases must be made on the platform where the account was created even if it has been migrated to another platform. For example, those who set up their account on mobile must make in-game purchases on mobile even if they primarily play on another platform. The latest update has not made things any better.

In other news, a new Horizon Forbidden West trailer suggests the game’s main villain may be even stronger than Regalla and her rebels. Elsewhere, PlayStation Network integration may be coming fairly soon to Discord following the discovery of unused files in the Discord beta.

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