SF-666R RGB USB Condenser Omnidirectional Microphone


Discover the SF-666R: Your Ultimate RGB USB Condenser Microphone

Superior Sound Clarity: The SF-666R condenser microphone is engineered for excellence. It delivers high-quality sound recording, making it a perfect match for podcasting, gaming, and streaming. Experience clarity like never before, capturing every detail of your voice or music.

Dynamic RGB Lighting: Step up your audio game with style. The SF-666R comes with integrated RGB lighting, adding a vibrant and personalized touch to your gaming or streaming setup. Not only does it deliver on performance, but it also enhances your aesthetic, setting the right mood for every session.

Ideal Tabletop Design: Designed for ease and convenience, the SF-666R’s tabletop design fits effortlessly into any setup. It’s perfect for desk-based recording and streaming, offering stability and accessibility right where you need it.

Precise Sound Capture with S-Mall Diaphragm: The heart of this microphone lies in its S-Mall diaphragm, ensuring accurate and precise sound capture. Whether you’re speaking, singing, or playing an instrument, the SF-666R faithfully reproduces every sound with exceptional clarity and detail.

Key Specifications:

Model: SF-666R
Sensitivity: -30dB±3dB for accurate voice pickup.
Pattern: Omnidirectional, capturing sound uniformly from all directions.
Impedance: ≤2.2K dB for crystal-clear audio.
Voltage: Standard 5V operation.
Frequency Range: 50HZ-16KHz to cover a wide array of sounds.
Noise Ratio: >36dB for minimal background interference.
Perfect for content creators, gamers, and podcasters, the SF-666R RGB USB Condenser Microphone combines functionality with flair. Upgrade to this microphone and bring both quality and style to your recordings and live streams. Elevate your audio experience with SF-666R today!


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